Tropical Paradise is how Maldives is referred to as more often than not. Tourism has become the biggest income generator for Maldives in the recent past. This industry was opened in Maldives only in the year 1972. There were only two resort at that time which now have increased to over 80 resorts welcoming tourists from around the world.

Maldives, one of the best offerings of nature, is situated south of Lakshadweep Islands of India and South West of Sri Lanka. The island nation of Maldives is divided into 26 atolls which consists of more than 1100 small islets. Only about 250 of these islands are inhabited. Maldives is in the record books for being the lowest country in the world with an average altitude of only 1.5 m above sea level. Surrounded by blue lagoons and coral reefs, Maldives has steadily grown as tourism destination.

So what is so special about Maldives that attracts so many tourists again and again? The answer is, everything; everything from the breathtaking palm fringed beaches to the cleanest of air. The extraordinary natural beauty of this island nation is what brings you here again and again, but it is the range of activities that you can do that will keep you here for long periods. Almost all the tourists to Maldives indulge in watersports like snorkeling, scuba diving, or swimming. Many consider Maldives among the best destination for diving in the world for its underwater beauty and warm, rejuvenating waters.

What most people do not prepare themselves for in Maldives is the colorful culture of people here. First inhabitants of Maldives are believed to be from South India and Sri Lanka. One can still see the cultural resemblance between these countries. The cuisine, music, dances, all add an extra zing to your vacations in Maldives.

Malé is the capital city of Maldives and is situated on the southern side of Maldives. Located on Malé Atoll it is the largest city in terms of population in the country.

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