Italy has the largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites in the world which signifies, without doubt, the importance of Italy as a tourism country. The treasure of arts has always been the most admired aspect of Italy and it is put on display in the many museums and galleries around the country. So much so that Italy has many times been referred to as living art museum.

Situated in the southern part of Europe, Italy still basks in its splendorous history that made it one of the strongest countries during the Renaissance period. What brought it to the world map was the exemplary works of art and Italy is still the country to visit if you are an art lover. This boot shaped country also includes the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Nearly 75% of the country is covered with mountains. The Alps forms Italy’s border with France, Switzerland and Austria, and the Apennines run into the Sicily Island. There are four active volcanoes in the country but the most important is surely Mt. Etna. The gigantic mountain covers an area nearly equal to London and always keep the people of nearby areas on their feet with its frequent rumblings.

This country is basically thronged by travellers coz of the most recognizable and important attraction of Italy The Colosseum and the Amphitheater.

If you ever wish Museo Nationale Romanoto see what shaped the present Europe, just visit Rome and you will invariably get to see exactly that. Rome is the capital city of Italy and the largest city as well. It is the concentration point of history, monuments, and legendary stories that make a must visit for all history buffs. Venice is the other city that a tourist just cannot ignore.

The beauty and allurement of the city lies in the breathtaking canals that criss cross the city and the well carved bridges over the canals. Florence too rates among the very best cities in Europe when it comes to tourism.

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