One of the strongest economies in the world, France has developed itself as one of most charming tourist destinations in Europe. The beautiful country of France is either bordered by beautiful mountain ranges or deep blue oceans. France is also reckoned for as one of the most appreciated countries in the world for its exceptional cuisine.

Covering an area of 543,965 sq. km., France is the largest country in western Europe and the third largest in all of Europe. Cut in a shape of hexagon, the country is divided into 22 regions which are further sub divided. Only a small part in north east is bordered by Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium.

France is undoubtedly the most famous country among tourists. It receives nearly 81.9 million visitors every year and the next best is Spain with just 58.5 million visitors. Among the cities of France, paris leads the race by attracting the largest number of tourists.

With attractions like Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and palace of Versailles, it cannot be expected any other way. Nature too has been very generous on France. There are beautiful beaches on one side and there are snow covered peaks and lush green valleys of French Alps on the other that lend uncountable adventure and recreation opportunities for tourists.

The French people absolutely love their food and the dishes are capable of making the visitors fall in love with them as well. Coq au vin, Coquilles Saint-Jacques and Noisettes d’Agneau are few of the famous dishes of France.

It’s hard to get all the tastes of French cuisine in just one visit, so many are the varieties of cheeses, so many types of wines and so many delectable dishes. And the cuisine differs drastically from region to region.

What you will find in the remote villages will be absolutely different in taste from the delicacies you will get in the swanky restaurants in the cities. Mind you, the name of the dish might be same.

Paris, the capital city of France, has by many world trotters been considered as the most beautiful city in the world. And why not, The City of Lights will leave you flabbergasted with the number of attraction that find home here.

Nestling on both sides of Seine River, Paris is the largest and most populous city of France. More often than not, visitors to Paris end up spending more time here than they expected, such is the beauty of the city which has also been christened The Most Romantic city in the world.

The best time to visit France is between May and June when the country offers you glimpse of beauty of sunny summers as well as white winters.

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