Czech Republic

While sorting the most popular countries of the world, the first and foremost name that comes to our mind is Czech Republic.

Czech Republic is a very small landlocked country situated in Central Europe on the south-east of Germany and adjoins Poland to the north, Austria to its south and to its south-east is Slovakia, with which it formed Czechoslovakia until the “velvet divorce” of year 1993.

Czech Republic is a richly developed economy, showcases its strong democratic tradition and a wealthy cultural ethnicity. Besides, it appeared from more than 40 years of Communist rule that took place in year 1990, and was the first and the only Eastern Bloc state to get hold of the repute of a highly-developed economy.

While looking at its geography, we get to know that Czech Republic lures the attention of the holidaymakers because of being hugely developed as an industrial economy plus now also attracts them by displaying Europe’s lovely Baroque, Cubist buildings and Art Nouveau. It has a total population of 10.4 million (UN, 2010) and its capital is Prague. Its natives mostly converse in Czech and are great followers of Christianity. The localities here are chiefly engaged in exporting manufactured goods, cars, transport equipment, machinery, beer and thus aids the economy to raise its overall per capita income.

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