Known for its cigars and invigorating culture, Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean islands. It is an archipelago with many small islands combining to form the republic. Like all island nations, Cuba too is a tropical paradise with palm fringed sandy beaches, crystal clear shallow lagoons, and magnificent coral reefs. But in the perspective of tourism, the natural beauty is somewhat overshadowed by its unique culture.

Covering an area of 110,861 km2, Cuba is an island nation situated in the Caribbean islands. The most important are island of Cuba and Isla de la Juventud. Situated to the south of The Bahamas, west of Caicos Islands and Haiti, and east of Mexico, Cuba is mainly a plain country with long splendorous coastline and flat interiors. It is however home to gorgeous Sierra Maestra mountain range which cuts across Cuba in the southeast.

The over usage of the word ‘unique’ is known to describe Cuba but there is just no alternative to unique, while describing the culture of Cuba. Cuban culture is an amalgamation of different cultures, mainly from Spain and Africa, but far more colorful. The rich Cuban music is probably the most admired and enjoyed aspect and it is from here that styles like salsa, rumba and mambo are said to have originated.

Tourists who like to do more things then there are range of sports activities on beaches and in the high regions of Sierra Maestra mountain region. Cuba is also a hot spot for health tourism attracting tourists mainly from Latin America and Europe due to its high levels of treatment quality.

Havana is the capital city of Cuba and the largest city of Cuba as well as entire Caribbean islands. One of the most happening cities in Caribbean, it attracts tourists with its modern outlook, snazzy localities, extravagant parties and a touch of history. The main attractions of the city are Plaza de la Revolución, Plaza de Armas and the Great Theatre of Havana.

Other important cities of Cuba are Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Baracoa and Santa Clara.

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