Bahamas is one of the very few archipelago countries and probably the best of them all. Though nature has bestowed its blessings on the country yet, it is the culture and the historical attractions of Bahamas that has made the country sit pretty on top of the list of the best. Your trip to Bahamas could not only be of fun and frolic, but of adventure and mystery as well.

Bahamas is a group of around 700 islands that covers an area of nearly 5,358 sq. miles, southeast of United States and northeast of Cuba. Andros Island, Abaco Islands, New Providence, Grand Bahamas, Acklins Islands and Cat Island are some of the most important islands of Bahamas.

Most parts of this archipelago nation still remains unexplored and this offers you a chance to discover the yet unknown attractions of Bahamas. Apart from the breathtaking nature, some of the best tourism highlights of Bahamas are Inagua National Park, Dixon Hill Lighthouse, House of Parliament and scores of adventure sports.

Bahamas might be a very small place area wise but what you can do in Bahamas is countless. The magnificent beaches and lagoons all around surely give you ample opportunities for water sports. Here you can indulge in snorkeling, scuba diving, angling, windsurfing and para sailing. The facilities that are provided to you for these activities are simply outstanding.

Nassau, the capital of Bahamas is the largest and the most cosmopolitan city of Bahamas. Situated on the New Providence Island, Nassau is a blend of historical buildings intermingled with some splendid new world structures. The main attraction of the city are situated mainly in the center area. Other major tourist cities in Bahamas are Freeport, Arthur”s Town, Dunmore Town and George Town.

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