Nestling in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe truly is Mother Nature’s endowment upon earth. Such is the charm of nature here that the moment you step on to Zimbabwe, you would want to set out on your journey to explore the wonders that the country has to offer.

Spread over an area of 390,575 km2, and homing around 1.3 million people, Zimbabwe is a landlocked country bordered by South Africa to south, Botswana to southwest, Mozambique on the east and Zambia on northwest. Earlier known by the name of Southern Rhodesia, Zimbabwe remains hot most part of the year.

Zimbabwe has always been a prominent tourist country of the world, thanks to the rich wildlife in the many game reserves spread throughout the country. Recently, a decrease in tourism was seen as more and more tourists were eying South Africa. Though the number of tourists is still pretty impressive, it just makes the tourist attractions less crowded, giving the tourists an added feature of calmness, space and invariably time. Unlike other countries of Africa where tourism dwells mainly on natural attractions, Zimbabwe stands out displaying rich history and heritage. Ruins of many great cities can be found in Zimbabwe which were built in dry stone style. The most famous probably is the Great Zimbabwe in the town of Masvingo.

The mountainous regions on the eastern side of Zimbabwe also give birth to a lot of opportunities for adventure sports as well like trekking and white water rafting. River Zambezi is among the best and most challenging rivers in the waters for rafting.

Harare is the capital and the largest city of Zimbabwe. It is the only city in Zimbabwe that is connected to other cities around the world. Other important cities of Zimbabwe are Bulawayo, Chitungwiza and Mutare.

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