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Celebrated in the capital of Bhutan, this festival is a fine show of the wholesome Bhutanese culture and tradition. The famous Tashichho Dzong in Thimphu is the spot where all the action takes place. The indigenous folk dance performed by both monks and common men with traditionally designed colorful masks is the highlight of the festival. The dances are accompanied by the beats of the drums and cymbals creating a sublime aura.

Thimphu Tsechu is by all means one of the biggest festivals in the capital of Bhutan. Celebrated annually in the autumn season for a period of 3- 4 days, this festival is a ceremony of colors with a happy amalgamation of the changing nature and the many moods of the Bhutanese culture.

The highlight of Thimphu Tsechu is the showcase of ethnic folk dance in the famous Tashichho Dzong in Thimphu. The court yard of this Dzong is the platform for the performances that is marked by traditionally designed colorful masks.

Essentially a religious event, Thimphu Tsechu holds spiritual significance for the people of Bhutan who crowd the streets of Thimphu during that time of the year.

The dancers in the festival are both monks and common men. When they move to the beats of the drums and cymbals, the whole atmosphere wears a celestial look.

This pious event was believed to be originated in the year 1670 during the reign of Tenzin Rabgye. Since that time, Thimphu Tsechu occupied a major part in the Bhutan social history. The celebrations witness the people joining the event with families and friends and spending quality time with them.

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