Olympics Games, 2012 , United Kingdom

Event Name: Olympics Games, 2012
Start Date: Friday, 27 July 2012
End Date: Sunday, 12 August 2012
Venue: London
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Sports & Outdoors

Olympics games seem to be a phenomena which the whole world is waiting for. Well, everybody knows the venue too. The 30th Olympic Games 2012 is slated to be held in London, United Kingdom. London city is in full flow heading for the preparations of the Olympic Games 2012.

There is no use wasting time on the fact that The Olympics are the biggest multi-sports event in the world. With a history of almost 114 years of organized celebration, Olympics carries a whole new definition of sports, integrity, nationality and brotherhood in every four year.

The first registered games of Olympics were held in Athens of Greece in the year 1896. Since then the event grew in volume and magnanimity to attain a cult status by today’s time.

The official logo of the Olympics is a set of five rings attached to each other signifying the five continents of the world. The easily recognized logo of Olympics suggests the coming together of the countries in these continents.

In 2012, the Olympics comes to London that has earned the reputation of hosting the game for the third time after 1908 and 1948.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics will witness the touch of mastery as renowned film makers like Danny Boyle and Stephen Daldry will be the brains behind.

The mascots of this edition of this great event are Wenlock and Mandeville, two figures with one eye each with a metallic finish. Both of them are designed with deep implied meaning and conveys various messages to the world.

The major sports events that will draw the attention of the spectators and media in 2012 edition are swimming, archery, football, table tennis, volleyball, boxing and weightlifting. All the competitions will be held in various venues and stadiums that are constructed or modified keeping in mind the Olympics. A few of them are the All England Club at Wimbledon (tennis), Wembley Stadium (football) and The O2 (gymnastics, basketball).

The number of countries participating in the United Kingdom Olympics in 2012 goes up to more than 200 with the count of athletes touching the 18,000 mark.

The sheer grandeur that Olympics contains is beyond words and fictions, facts and figure. We have to just wait and watch as we move towards the due dates.

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