Montreux Jazz Festival , Switzerland

Event Name: Montreux Jazz Festival
Start Date: Saturday, 29 June 2013
End Date: Sunday, 14 July 2013
Venue: Letzigrund Stadium, Zurich
Country: Switzerland
Category: Entertainment & Recreations

One of the most easily recognized and widely respected music festivals in the world, Montreux Jazz Festival is a true celebration of the celestial art of music. This fiesta has seen the performance of many iconic singers and it is still a preferred platform for the music artists. Apart from Jazz, here you will find every genre of music- rock, pop, hip hop and so on. Added attraction is the solo music competitions featuring guitar, vocals and piano.

Can you imagine a music festival that is in existence since 1967 and has been the witness to the performance of some iconic singers and timeless bands like Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Chuck Berry, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin? Already guessing which concert it is or your eyes are wide open with an expression of Wow! The answer is the Montreux Jazz Festival that takes place annually in Montreux, Switzerland.

The title of the festival is a bit deceptive though as it is not an exclusive Jazz music gala. Montreux Jazz Festival is a platform where the connoisseurs can relish different genre of music, be it Rock, Pop, Blues, Hip-hop and even electro. However Jazz walks away with the lion’s share.

Apart from the aforesaid names, Montreux Jazz Festival has been the proud host to many past masters and their craft. Besides the sublime showcase of the creations, this festival also houses competitions of solo piano, vocals and guitar.

Every one of us has a bit of music in ourselves and we don’t need to be a superb singer or a accomplished guitarist to understand and celebrate it. All we need is the passion, the flame, the spark!

The Montreux Jazz Festival is based on this simple and basic truth and that is why it attracts a whooping 2,00,000 visitors every year. It is a real celebration of music in the true sense of the term. Music is not bound to any language or country barrier nor it is subject to any authentic music sense. The appeal is universal and it rules beyond human, social and geographical barricades.

The Montreux Jazz Festival is a member of: Top Events of Switzerland, Swiss Music Promoters Association, Yourope The European Festival Association, International Jazz Festivals Organisation, Member of European Talent Exchange Program.

An event not to miss; an experience hard to replace moments in Montreux. A visit to Montreux lands you in the beautiful country of Switzerland. You have lot of explore and experienced here.

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