Ramgarh Vishdhari National Park

ramgarh vishdhari national park

Ramgarh Vishdhari: National Park

Location: Near village Ramgarh. On Bundi-Nainwa Road

Area:252.79 sq. kms


Flora:Dhok (Angoeissus pendula), Khair (Acacia catechu), Salar (Boswellia serrata) Khirni (Manilkara hexandra) trees are in abundance. Mango, Beer etc.

Fauna:Leopard, Sambhar, Wild boar, Chinkara, Sloth bear, Indian Wolf, Hyena, Jackal, Fox.

Accessibility:From Bundi to Ramgarh-50 kms., Kota via Bundi-88 kms.

Accommodation:Bundi RTDC Hotel and many private lodges

Season:September to May

Contact:Deputy Conservator of Forest, (Wildlife), Chhatra Vilas Garden, Kota

Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve: National Park

Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve: National Park

Location: Sawai Madhopur

Area:274.5 sq. km.

Uniqueness:Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve was among the first nine Tiger Reserve declared in 1973 at the launch of Project Tiger in India. It comprised the former Sawai Madhopur Wildlife Sanctuary of 392.5 sq. km. Reserved Forest (constituted in 1955).

Flora:Dhok mixed with Khair, Raunj, Goya, Chhela, Pipal, Vad, Amaltas, Gurjan, Siris Saintha, Gular, Tendu

Fauna:Tiger, Leopard, Caracal, Ratel, Jungle Cat, Chital, Sambar, Blue Bull, Chinkara, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Jackal, Hyena, Common Langur, Common fox

Accessibility By Air:Jaipur at 145-kms is the nearest airport from Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary.Accommodation By Rail:Ranthambore National Park is around 11-kms away from Sawai Madhopur railway station, that lies on the Delhi to Bombay trunk route.Accommodation By Road:A good network of buses connect Sawai Madhopur, the nearest town from Ranthambore to all the major cities within the state of Rajasthan.

Accommodation:The elegant Ranthambhore fort called the Jogi Mahal is now the forest rest house.

Season:October to June

Contact:Field Director, Ranthambore National Park, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan

Sajjan Garh: National Park

Sajjan Garh: National Park

Location: 9 k.m From Udaipur

Area:5.19 sq. km

Uniqueness:Wild animals and natural surroundings, sujjangarh Fort

Flora:Dhok, Salar, Churel, Butea, khirni

Fauna:Panther , Sambhar , Chital, Jackal, Langur, Fox

Accessibility:Airport Dabok, Udaipur, Convenient mode of travel from Jaipur by delux buses

Accommodation:At Udaipur/span>

Season:October to March

Contact:Dy. Chief Wildlife Warden, Udaipur

Sariska Tiger Reserve: National Park

Sariska Tiger Reserve: National Park

Location: Alwar district

Area:866 sq. km.

Uniqueness:It is prime tiger country. The forest is typical dry deciduous, dramatically changing with the change in season. The terrain is undulating plateau lands and wide valleys. Besides tiger, herbivores, spotted deer, sambar, blue bull can be commonly seen and found in good density. Ancient Kankwari Fort is situated in the middle of the Reserve. Archaeological treasures, Neelkanth and Garh Rajor of 9th and 10th century are ruins of Shiva and Jain temples, contemporary of the world famous Khajuraho.

Flora:Dhok (Anogeissus pendula) is the dominant tree species. covering over 90 per cent area of the forest. Boswellia serreta and Lannea coromandelica grow at rocky patches. Kattha (Acacia Catechu)and Bamboo are common in the valleys. Some valleys support Palas (Butea monosperma)and Ber (Zizyphus spp.) Besides these some noteworthy tree species are Arjun (Terminalia arjuna), Gugal (Commiphora wightii), Kadaya (Sterculia urens), Amla (Emblica officinalis), Bahera (Terminalia bellerica).

Fauna:Tiger, Leopard, Caracal, Rusty Spotted Cat, Jungle Cat, Four-horned Antelope, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, Blue Bull, Jackal, Hyena etc.

Accessibility By Air:Jaipur is the nearest airport from Sariska at a distance 107-kms.Accessibility By Rail:The nearest railway station is at Alwar (37-kms). Accessibility By Road:Sariska wildlife sanctuary is situated off the Delhi-Alwar-Jaipur Road. Jaipur is located at a distance of 107-kms and Delhi at 200-kms from Sariska. Sariska is well connected with Alwar, which is further directly connected with bus services from Delhi and Jaipur.

Accommodation:The Sariska Palace is located just outside Sariska National Park, 75 double-bedded rooms with attached bathrooms as well as hot and cold running water facility. The Sariska Tiger Haven neighbours the Sariska National Park, 10 double-bedded rooms with attached bathrooms as well as hot and cold running water facility

Season:The best time to visit the park is late in the winter around January or February. If you don?t mind the heat, April to June is a great time to see animals at the waterholes.

Contact:Field Director, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Distt Alwar, Rajasthan, or from the offices of the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC).

Sawai Mansingh: National Park

Sawai Mansingh: National Park

Location: 16 k.m From Ranthambhore, and 10 k.m. from Sawai Madhopur

Area:127.76 sq. km


Flora:Dhok, Salar, Churel, Butea

Fauna:Sloth Bear , Wild Boar , Caracal. Chital. Chinkara, Hyaena, Jackal, Sambhar

Accessibility:Railway satation , Sawai Madhopur , Road : Convenient mode of travel

Accommodation:At Sawai Madhopur

Season:October to March

Contact:Field Director Ranthambhore National Park

Sher Garh: National Park

Sher Garh: National Park

Location: Baran District

Area:98.70 Sq.kms

Uniqueness:Wild animals, Birdsand Fort

Flora:Dhok (Anngoeissus pendula), Khair (Acacia catechu), Teak (Tectona grandis)

Fauna:Leopard, Hyena, Wild boar, Chital, Sambhar, Chinkara, Sloth bear

Accessibility:Air: Kota (130 kms), Rail : Kota/ Baran, Kota to Shergarh-130 kms., Jhalawar-50 kms., Baran-45 kms.

Accommodation:At Kota / Baran, Haveli Shergarh Hotel, Forest Rest House

Season:Whole year (Avoid rainy days)

Contact:Deputy Conservator, (Wildlife), Chhatra Vilas Garden, Kota

Sita Mata: National Park

Sita Mata: National Park

Location: 45 k.m From Chittorgarh

Area:422.94 sq. km


Flora:Rich in Teak forests

Fauna:Panther , Sambhar , Wild Boar, Flying Squirrel, Wolf, Chinkara, Flying Squirrel, Pnather Chinkara, Jackal, Hyaena

Accessibility:Railway Station , Chittorgarh, Convenient mode of travel from Jaipur by Buses.

Accommodation:At Chittorgargh

Season:October to March

Contact:D.C.F. Wildlife , Chittorgarh

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