Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary

Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary

Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary

Location: Kachchh district

Area:444.23 sq. km.

Uniqueness:Unique eco-system- a part of which is a seasonal wetland in the arid zone that play mother to 15 threatened wildlife species and encompasses desert thorn and scrub forests, dotted with several seasonal water bodies and grassy patches is popularly known as Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary, notified as such in April 1981. This exceptional eco-system supports a rich biodiversity including some rare animals and birds and rare flowering plants.

Flora:There are 252 species of flowering plants e.g. Desi baval, gorad, hermo, ber, pilu, thor, gando baval, gugal, salai, ingorio, kerdo, carissa etc.

Fauna:Wolf, caracal, chinkara, desert fox, hyena, desert cat, porcupine, ratel, Indian pangolin, blue bull, mongoose, hare, Great Indian bustard, lesser florican, houbara bustard, black partridges, harriers, common cranes etc.

Accessibility:The Nearest airport is Bhuj (115 kms). Ahmedabad (515 kms. approx.). The Nearest bus station is Dayapar (15 kms). The Nearest Railway station is: Bhuj (115 kms).

Accommodation:Dharamshala at Matano Math, GMDC Guest House at Panandhr, Dharamshala at Narayan Sarovar

Season:September to January

Contact:Assistant Conservator of Forests. Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kutch West Division, College Road, Bhuj, Kachchh. Gujarat.

Pania Wild Life Sanctuary

Pania Wild Life Sanctuary

Location: Amreli district

Area:39.64 sq. km

Uniqueness:Popularly known as Chanchai-Pania, this sanctuary is an integral part of the famous Gir Wildlife Sanctuary. This patch of forest, having arid conditions in absence of any natural water source, has given way to abundant growth of grass making the area ideal for chinkara- the Indian gazelle. Although lions, leopards and all other animals that reside in Gir, frequent this sanctuary, chinkaras roam more freely in this sanctuary rather than in the much wooded areas of Gir.

Flora:Desi baval, khair, gorad, hermo, bordi, dhav, saladi, ashitro, dudhlo, khakhro, modad, lantana camara, bamboo, karamda etc.

Fauna:Lion, hyena, leopard, wildcat, civet cat, spotted deer, chinkara, wild boar, four-horned antelope, pangolin, blue bull, etc.

Accessibility:The Nearest airport is Rajkot (150 kms). Ahmedabad (300 kms.) approximately. The Nearest bus station is Visavadar (10 kms). The Nearest Railway station are: Visavadar (10 kms).

Accommodation:Forest guesthouse at Sasan. Good hotels in Junagadh and Amreli

Season:October to June

Contact:Deputy Conservator of Forests, Gir (East), Dhari, Amreli district. Gujarat

Porbandar Birds Sanctuary

Porbandar Birds Sanctuary

Location: Porbandar district

Area:9.33 ha

Uniqueness:The sanctuary falls on the migratory route of the birds. The area supports good population of flamingoes and other resident and migratory waterfowls. In fact, during more favourable years, even flamingoes have been reported to prefer this area for nesting.


Fauna:Flamingoes (greater and lesser), grebes, pelicans, ducks and geese, avocet, coots, cormorants, herons, egrets, bittern, storks, ibis, spoonbill, cranes, whistling teals, gulls, terns, jacanas, ruff, red shanks, Indian roller etc.

Accessibility:The Nearest airport is Porbandar (1 kms). Ahmedabad (400 kms.) Approximately. The Nearest bus station is Porbandar (5 kms). The Nearest Railway station is: Porbandar (1 kms)

Accommodation:Good hotels at Porbandar


Contact:Assistant Conservator of Forests. Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Near Chaupati, Porbandar. Gujarat.

Purna Wild Life Sanctuary

Purna Wild Life Sanctuary

Location: Dangs District

Area:160.8 sq. km

Uniqueness:Located in the predominantly tribal district of Dangs, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, which was declared as a sanctuary in July 1990, has the thickest forest cover in the state of Gujarat. The forests have lofty teak trees rising tall and straight in the company of other associated flora viz. sadad, timru, bamboos, khair, kalam, haldu, sisham (rosewood), salai, kadaya, killai, sevan, tanachh etc. The healthy stock of lofty bamboos specially attracts your attention.

Flora:About 700 identified plants species with dominance of grass and plants with broad leaves in high density and diversity are found in the sanctuary. Major/important tree species are: teak, khair, sadad, dudhalo, kalam, bamboo, haldu, karanj, tanach, chopadi bondara etc.

Fauna:Leopard, rhesus macaque, bonnet macaque, common mongoose, Indian civat cat, Indian porcupine, four-horned antelope, barking deer, sambar, chital, hyena, jungle cat, flying squirrel, python, lizards, Common grey hornbill, grey jungle fowls, barbets, woodpeckers, shrikes, cloropsis, bee-eaters, flycatchers and many raptors.

Accessibility:The Nearest airport is Surat (130 kms). Ahmedabad (400 kms. Approximately). The Nearest bus station is Vyara (20 kms). The Nearest Railway station is: Vyara (20 kms).

Accommodation:Hotels / lodges at Vyara, Saputara and Surat

Season:November to March

Contact:Deputy Conservator of Forests, North Dangs division, Ahwa, Dangs. Gujarat

Rampara Wild Life Sanctuary

Rampara Wild Life Sanctuary

Location: Rajkot district

Area:15 sq. Km

Uniqueness:Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary is the wooded area in an arid zone otherwise devoid of any noteworthy tree growth. The shrubby land interspersed with patches of grasses, harbours large number of species of plants, birds and mammals.

Flora:Gorad, desi baval, kesudo, bor, dudhlo, khakhro, awal, khapat, hermo etc.

Fauna:Wolf, jackal, hyena, common fox, hare, jungle cat, bluebull etc. 20 species of snakes, 130 species of birds are found. Among the birds, partridge, common peafowl, sandgrouse, ring dove, large gray babbler, purple sunbird, yellow-throated sparrow etc. are common.

Accessibility:The Nearest airport is Rajkot (47 kms). Ahmedabad (270 kms.) approximately, The Nearest bus station is Wankaner (15 kms). The Nearest Railway station is: Wankaner (15 kms)

Accommodation:Forest rest house, Rampara

Season:October to January

Contact:Assistant Conservator of Forests, Rajkot, Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajkot.

Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Location: District Dahod

Area:55.65 sq. Km.

Uniqueness:This sanctuary harbours maximum population of sloth bears in the entire state, which is the star attraction in the wilds of Ratanmahals.

Flora:Teak, dudhlo, sadad, timru, amla, bamboo, dhavdo, kakadiyo, mahuda, tanach, charoli, ber, jamun, khakhro etc. a total of 543 species of plants are recorded (119 species of trees, 40 species of shrubs, 238 species of herbs, 48 species of grasses, 87 species of climbers, 2 species of partial parasite and 9 species of orchids).

Fauna:Sloth bear, leopard, striped hyena, jackal, four-horned antelope, mongoose, porcupine, civet cat, jungle cat, hanuman langur, Cobra, krait, Saw-scaled viper, Russel’s viper and Bamboo pit viper are the main venomous snakes found here. Python, Rat snake, Red sand boa, Trinket are the non-venomous snakes. Star tortoise, Flap-shell turtle, Chameleon and Termite hill gecko are also found here.

Accessibility:The Nearest airport is Vadodara (170 kms). The Nearest bus station is Devgadh Baria (42 kms). The Nearest Railway station are: Dahod – 70 kms, Godhra – 85 kms.

Accommodation:Forest Rest house- Kanjeta, Reasonably good hotels in Dahod

Season:October to May

Contact:Deputy Conservator of Forest, Bariya Division, Bariya, District Dahod. Gujarat.

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