Keibul Lamjao National Park

Keibul Lamjao National Park

Location: Keibul Lamjao, 10 km from Moirang Bazar, Bishnupur district.

Area:40 sq. Km

Uniqueness:Brow Antlered Deer(Cervus eldi eldi – Mecelland) locally known as Sangai is the rarest mammals and most beautiful deer in the world. A small herd of 14 animals was surviving in the present park area during 1975.

Flora:Zizania latifolia( Ishing kambong), Saccharum munja (Khoimom), S. bengal ensis, Eiranthus procerus (Singnang), Dioschoria bulbifera (Phumha), Cynodon dactylon (Tinthou), Alpinia galanga (pullei). Eichornia crossipes (Kabokang). Hedychium coronarium (Loklei), Nelumbo nucifera (Thambal), Phragmites Karka (Tou) & 100 other spp.

Fauna:Many Vertebrate -(a)Fishes (b) Amphibian (c) Reptiles-Tortoise, Viper, Krait, Cobra, Python, Common Lizard. (d) Mammals – Sangai, Hog deer, Wildboar, Large Indian Civet Cat, Common Otter etc

Accessibility:By passenger bus from Imphal Bus Terminus located near Ima Women Market, Nipakheithel, Imphal. Or by private vehicles. Bus Fare:- Rs. 40/- (Condition apply). On hiring private vehicle, fare is negotiable.

Accommodation:Overnight halt at one of these rest houses is advisable for early morning visit. 1) Forest Rest House, Keibul Lamjao. 2) Sendra Tourist Centre, Sendra. 3) Moirang Tourist Centre.

Season:October to April.

Contact:Deputy Conservator of Forests, Keibul Lamjao National Park

Yaingangpokpi Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary

Yaingangpokpi Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Moreh District


Uniqueness:Combination of Riverian and terrestrial eco-system

Flora:Dipterocarpus turbinatus, Dipterocarpus tuberculatus, Tectona grandis, Melanorrhoea usitata, terminalia chebula, emblica officinalis, Cedrella toona, Cedrella serrata, Quercus spp., Bauhinea Spp., etc. Bamboos are grown along the banks of rivers and nullah. Important species are Melaconna, Bamboosa etc.

Fauna:This Sanctuary is the abode of 42 species of mammals, 74 species of aves, 29 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibia and 86 species of fishes. Reptiles :- Tortoise, Viper, Krait, Cobra, Python, Land Monitor Lizard. Mammals:- Hoolock Gibbon, Wildbear, Himalayan Black bear, malayan Sun bear, Slow loris, Stump tail Macaque, Serow, Indian Civet cat, Common Otter, Pangolin, leopard etc.

Accessibility:100 Kms. from Imphal by road on NH-39

Accommodation:Accomodation for overnight halt is available at one of the following Rest Houses: 1. Forest Rest House , Moreh. 2. Indo-Myanmar Trade Centre Rest House , Moreh 3. Transit Camp at Wildlife Office, Moreh

Season:All Year

Contact:Chief Wildlife Warden, Government of Manipur, Imphal – 795 001

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