Palamau Tiger Reserve

Palamau Tiger Reserve

Location: District of Palamau in the South Chhotanagpur plateau

Area:1,026 sq km

Uniqueness:The Palamau Tiger Reserve was one of the first 9 reserves to be brought under the umbrella of the Project Tiger in 1973. There are many water falls. A few of them – Mirchaia Water Fall near Garu, Suga Bandh Water Fall near Baresand and Lodh Fall, which is the highest water fall in the Bihar State – are major tourist attraction. There is a hot water spring, Tataha Pani, near Barwadih.

Flora:Shorea robusta, Acacia catechu, Butea monosperma, Madhuca indica, Terminalia tomentosa, Pterocarpus marsupium, Adina cardifolia, Anogeisus latifolia, Indigofera pulchela, Moghania spp, Mallotus phillipinensis, Holarrhena antidysentrica, Bothriochloa montana, Apluda mutica, Chrtsopogan montanus,, Themeda spp., Chloris spp, Heteropogon contortus, Albizzia lebbek, Bauhinia spp., Chloroxylon swietnia, Lagerstroemia parviflora, Diospyros melanoxylon, Buchhanania lanzan, Bridelia retusa, Bombax ceiba, Mitragyna parviflora, Lannea coromandlica, Holoptelia integrifolia, Imperata arudinacea, Dendrocalamus strictus

Fauna:Tiger, Leopard, Cheetal, Sambar, Barking Deer, Wolf, Wild Dog, Elephant, Mouse Deer, Pangolin, Fourhorned Antelope and Indian Ratel.

Accessibility:By Air :- the airport nearest to Palamau is at Ranchi 161 km away from Betla. By Rail :- The nearest railhead is at Daltonganj 25 km from Betla and the second nearest railway station is Ranchi 161 kms from Betla. By Road :- Good motorable road connects Betla to nearby cities in Jharkhand.

Accommodation:Forest Rest Houses are located at Betla, Mundu, Kher, Maromar and Baresand. Tourist Lodge Located at Betla, the tourist lodge has four rooms. Charges are Rs.270 per day per room. Dormitories are ideal for the budget traveller. They are located at Betla and Kher. The Betla dormitory has 15 beds and the Kher dormitory has four rooms with 10 beds in each. The dormitories can be hired for Rs. 270 per dormitory per day.

Season:All the year

Contact:Field Director, Palamau Tiger Reserve, Medininagar, Distt. Palamau, Jharkhand-822101

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