Gumti National Park

Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary

Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: South Tripura district

Area:389.54 km

Uniqueness:Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the eminent sanctuaries that dot the jungle-clad terrains of Tripura, one of the seven sisters that collectively form the beautiful northeast India. The sanctuary is a hallmark of the natural heritage of the state and testifies the diverse Tripura wildlife.

Flora:One can find numerous medical and therapeutical botanical species in abundance in the surroundings of the sanctuary.

Fauna:Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura has Elephants, Bison, Sambar, Barking deer, Wild goat or Sarow apart from many other animals and reptiles.

Accessibility:Airport : The nearest airport is at Agartala (100 km). One can easily reach the sanctuary from here by road. Road Transport : The sanctuary is almost 100 km away from Agartala and the distance between the Matabari to Gumati Wildlife Sanctuary is approximately 20 Km. The sanctuary can be approached via Ambassa and Gandachara or via Amarpur-Jatanbari.

Accommodation: One can stay at Agartala during one’s visit to the Gumati Wildlife Sanctuary. Agartala has numerous accommodation in various categories, not too fancy. But, the accommodations are good enough for every traveler.

Accommodation:Through out the year.



Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Northern district of Tripura

Area:85’85 hectares

Uniqueness:The Rowa Wildlife sanctuary provides shelter to numerous species of birds, wild animals as well as primates and reptiles. Ornithologists, etymologists, botanists as well as wildlife enthusiasts have a merry time exploring the sanctuary and its offerings.

Flora:The forest is rich with a large number of economic plants such as medicinal & aromatic, treat fodders, fruit producing trees, oil-seed producing trees, spices & orchids and other ornamental plants.

Fauna:The Tripura Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary houses more than 150 species of birds, wild beasts and primates.

Accessibility:Airport : One can reach Agartala by air, being the nearest airport from the sanctuary. From here one can take a bus or taxi to the sanctuary. Road Transport : It can be accessed from Panisagarh, about 180 km away from Agartala and is close to the National Highway.

Accommodation:Tourists can reside in the Panisagarh Tourist Lodge that is located in the vicinity and overlooks a breathtaking landscape of the surrounding panoramic vistas.

Season:Through out the year.


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