Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary

Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary

Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary: National Park

Location: Dibang Valley district

Area:4149 Sq.km

Uniqueness:Apart from the lush green and abundant vegetation, the prominent species seen in this area are musk deer, serow, takin, goral, black bear, red panda, leopard, monal tragopan, kalij and other pheasants, rare birds.

Flora:The vegetation of Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary is of temperate and alpine type. The composition of flora depends mainly on the locality factor. The vegetation at this zone are Tsuga, Abies, Pinus walli chinana Rhododendra arboratum, Taxus baccata and gregarious occurance of bamboo forests.

Fauna:Goral, Takin, Serow and Musk Deer

Accessibility:Airport : The nearest Airport is Dibrugarh which has regular flight connection to New Delhi and Kolkata by Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and Sahara Airways. Pawan Hans Helicopter Service connects Anini to Itanagar. Railhead: Tinsukia is the nearest railway station, from where you can pick a bus to the sanctuary. Road Transport: Anini, the headquarters of the Upper Dibang Valley district is connected to Roing, the gate way to Dibang valley by regular bus and taxi services

Accommodation:Circuit House and PWD Inspection Bunglow are available for the tourists in Arunachal Pradesh

Season:November to February

Contact:Visitors may contact the DFO Mehao WLS Division, Roing, Lower Dibang Valley district

Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary

Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary: National Park

Location: Papum-pare District

Area:140.30 sq. km

Uniqueness:It is truly magnificent owing to the fact that it houses numerous species which are facing the jeopardy of getting entirely wiped out from the surface of this planet.

Flora:The sanctuary is rich in vegetation. You will find varieties of orchids and other plantations

Fauna:The wild life present at Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary is elephant, barking deer, tiger, leopard, serow, birds & orchids

Accessibility:Airport : Biweekly Indian Airlines flight between Lilabari (nearest Airport and Guwahati takes place. Regular daily Pawan Hans Helicopter service is available between Guwahati and Itanagar. All the district headquarters of the state are also connected by Pawan Hans Helicopter service.

Accessibility:Railhead : The nearest railway station is at Harmuty.

Accessibility:Road Transport : Itanagar is well connected by bus and taxi to Guwahati, Tezpur and almost every district headquarters of the state.

Accommodation:Itanagar offers a wide range of accommodations from luxury to budget variety. You can select the one which most suites you

Season:October to April

Contact:Visitors may contact the Dy. Chief Wildlife Warden, G- Extension, Naharlagun 791 110.

Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary

Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary: National Park

Location: Lohit District

Area:783 sq km

Uniqueness:The pulsating landscape that constitutes this mammoth sanctuary is dowered with the auspicious presence of exotic plant species which further augments its splendor. These include quite a few exceptional taxonomic groups of floras that is confined to the ‘land

Flora:The vegetation also presents some rare variety of plantations found only in Arunachal Pradesh India.

Fauna:The wildlife that can be seen in the Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary are hoolock gibbon, tiger, leopard, capped langur, red panda, takin and lots more.

Accessibility:Airport : Dibrugarh is the nearest Airport which has regular flight connection to New Delhi and Kolkata by Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and Sahara Airways. Pawan Hans Helicopter Service connects both Tezu and Namsai to Itanagar. Airports / Helipads are available at Tezu about 4 km from Tezu (Arunachal). One can easily reach the sanctuary from here.

Accessibility:Railhead : Nearest Railway station is at Tinsukia ( Assam ) about 135 km from Tezu (Arunachal). One can easily reach the sanctuary from here by road.

Accessibility:Road Transport : Several buses are available from Tezu and Tinsukia (Assam) to reach the sanctuary. Wakro is connected to Namsai and Tezu by Bus and taxi services thereby can proceed to Tinsukia / Dibrugarh.

Accommodation:There are several Tourist lodge, circuit house, hotel near the sanctuary for the tourists from all over the world. PWD Rest House is also another place of stay near the sanctuary.

Season:October to April

Contact:DFO Kamlang WLS Division, Miao, Changlang District , Arunachal Pradesh (India) or the Range Officer (WL), Kamlang WL Range, Wakro, Lohit District Arunachal Pradesh (India).

Mouling National Park

Mouling National Park: National Park

Location: West Siang District

Area:483 sq.km

Uniqueness:The valley around offers an amazing scenic beauty, something beyond your expectations. The greenery and the mountain ranges are outstanding.

Flora:Magnolea, cythea, Gnetum, Griffithia etc.; Palms – Livistoma, calamus, wallichia, caryota etc; Pandamus, Musa also present; Other common spp. like Betula, Alnus, Exbuklandia, Quercus spp.

Fauna:The wild life that can be seen in this sanctuary are hoolock gibbon, leopard, red panda, elephant, tiger, etc.

Accessibility:Airport : Pawan Hans Helicopter Service connects Roing to Itanagar. The nearest Airport is Dibrugarh which has regular flight connection to New Delhi and Kolkata by Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and Sahara Airways.

Accessibility:Railhead : Tinsukia is the nearest railway station.

Accessibility:Road Transport : Roing is the gate way to Upper Dibang valley and well connected to Tinsukia and Dibrugarh by regular bus and taxi services.

Accommodation:There are numerous accommodations for the tourists near the sanctuary. Hotels, Circuit House, Forest and PWD Inspection Bunglows are available with all required facilities and amenities.

Season:October to April


Namdapha Tiger Reserve

Namdapha Tiger Reserve: National Park

Location: Changlamng district

Area:1985.23 sq. km

Uniqueness:Gorgeous and multi-hued, butterflies are rightly called ‘winged jewels’ of the tropical forest. But, butterflies are more than pretty distractions; they play a crucial role in pollination and so, in the very continuance of the forest! India is very rich in butterflies. Making a trip specially to see their glory, can be a rewarding experience of discovery and a unique glimpse at our wild.

Flora:More than 700 naturalised plant species have been enlisted in Flora. These species belong to about 400 genera representing as many as 97 families. There are 90 tree spp., 66 shrubs spp., 316 herbs spp., 56 climbers, 23 sedges and 99 grass species alongwith 60-70 newly identified species.

Fauna:Tiger, Panther, Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard, Sambar, Barking Deer, Himalayan black bear, Gaur, Hoolock Gibbons.

Accessibility:Miao (Entry Point) – Direct buses from Dibrugarh, Dibrugarh, 140 km, Margherita, 56 kmAccommodation:The Deban Rest House, Camp Namdapha is another good option to stay in Namdapha

Season:October – November & January – February

Contact:The Field Director, Namdapha Tiger Reserve, Miao – 792 122. Changlang district, Arunachal Prades

Pakke Tiger Reserve

Pakke Tiger Reserve: National Park

Location: East Kameng district with headquarters at Seijusa.

Area:862 Sq.km

Uniqueness:This sanctuary is popular with tourists as it houses a treasure of several wildlife species. The sanctuary protects the wildlife species such as tiger, leopard, clouded leopard, jungle cat, wild dog, fishing cat, jackal, bison, elephant, sambar, hog deer, barking deer, wild boar, flying squirrel and rhesus macaque.

Flora:The vegetation of the sanctuary consists of a wide variety of floral species such as Hoolock (a huge tree), giant bamboos, orchids, pine, oaks, walnuts, spruce and rhododendrons.

Fauna:Colourful birds can be spotted in the sanctuary. Some of the birds found here are hornbill, white winged wood duck, jungle fowl, peacock pheasant, khaleej pheasant, dove, barbets, drongo, eagle and ducks. Other attraction in the sanctuary is reptiles. Python, Cobra and Krait can be seen here

Accessibility:Air: Tezpur is the nearest airport. Rail: The nearest railway station is at Rangpara. Buses and taxis are available here. Road: Regular bus service from Tezpur make the Sanctuary easily accessible.

Accommodation:There are various accommodation options at the nearby places of the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary. Forest rest house inside the sanctuary is the other exciting option for the tourists.

Season:October to March

Contact:The Divisional Forest Officer (WL), Pakke WLS Division (PTR), P.O.: Seijosa, East Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

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