Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa Tiger Reserve

Location: Alipurduar sub-division of Jalpaiguri district

Area:760.92 sq. km.

Uniqueness:It is the eastern most extension of extreme bio-diverse North-East India & represents highly endemic Indo-Malayan region. The fragile “Terai Eco-System” constitutes a part of this Reserve. The Phipsu Wildlife Sanctuary of Bhutan is contiguous to North of BTR. Manas Tiger Reserve lies on east of BTR. BTR, thus, serves as international corridor for elephant migration between India and Bhutan. The reserve encompasses as many as eight forest types.

Flora:Sal, Champ, Gamar, Simul, Chikrasi

Fauna:Asian Elephant, Tiger, Gaur, Wild boar, Sambar .

Accessibility:To go to Buxa Tiger Reserve, visitors have to come to Alipurduar from where Jayanti is about 30 k.m. away. New Alipurduar station has got good train connection with Calcutta. Some good trains are Kanchenjunga Exp. (5657), Teesta-Torsha Exp. (3141), Kamrup Exp. (5959) and Saraighat Exp. (2345). From Alipurduar, two state buses go to Jayanti via Buxa Road – one in the morning and one at noon. Buxa goers have to get down at Santalabari. Day-visitors should hire a car from Alipurduar.

Accommodation:There are forest rest houses of WBFDC at Rajabhatkhawa, Nimati, Barobisha, Raidak, Raimatang, Bhutanghat, Buxaduar and Jayanti at the banks of the river Jayanthi nestled between mountains and thick forests. For reservation one can contact Field Director, Buxa Tiger Reserve. Phone: 03564-55129, Fax: 03564- 55577 / 79 for Rajabhatkhawa, Raimatang and Phone: 03564- 56005 for Buxa, Bhutanghat forest rest houses.

Season:October to April

Contact:Field Director, Buxa Tiger Reserves Alipurduar Jalpaiguri West Bengal -736122

Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park

Location: Jalpaiguri district

Area:80 sq.km

Uniqueness:Gorumara park located on the bank of rivers Murti and Raidak has vegetation of riverine grasslands interspersed with savannah woodlands. Much of this forest is moist deciduous and sal (shorea robusta) is the most common and valuable tree. Teak, Simul, siris, Khair are also found here. The park is breathtaking with its rivers and mountain ranges.

Flora:Much of this forest is moist deciduous and sal (shorea robusta) is the most common and valuable tree. Teak, Simul, siris, Khair are also found here. The park is breathtaking with its rivers and mountain ranges.

Fauna:Besides the one horned rhinoceros, the fauna of the park include Indian Elephant, Indian Bison, leopard, different species of deer, turtles, pythons, monkeys etc. and more than 200 species of birds. The park is a birdwatcher’s paradise with beautiful birds like Indian pied hornbill, Woodpeckers, Sunbird, fly catcher, Minivet, Drongo, Pheasants and many more migratory birds especially in winter. Brahmany duck is a regular visitor here and the birds can be watched from Suksukia, a bird watching point inside the park.

Accessibility:Air: Bagdogra is the nearest Airport (Siliguri to Bagdogra 13 km.). Rail: Nearest Railway Station is Madarihat only 7 kms from the Sanctuary. The park is accessible from the rail stations at Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar, Koch Bihar from where one can hire a jeep / car through National Highway 31 to Lataguri, the gateway to the park. Road: National highway 31 which connects Siliguri and Guwahati passes through Lataguri (about 75km from Siliguri), Chalsa and Nagrakata near the park. North Bengal State Transport Corporation Buses, Bhutan Govt. Buses, Mini Buses and Private Buses are available from Siliguri to Alipurduar via Madarihat. The Routes are (a) Darjeeling-Siliguri-Jalpaiguri (via New Teesta Bridge) ? Mainaguri-Dhupguri-Gairkata-Birpara-Madarihat (140 miles or 224 kms.) (b) Darjeeling- Siliguri- Sevoke- Bagrakote- Mal- Chalsa- Nagrakata- Binnaguri ? Birpara – Madarihat (214 kms.). Journey time from Siliguri about 4 hours.

Accommodation:There are forest bungalows amidst beautiful surroundings available for stay at Gorumara ( 2 rooms)and Murti. Murti forest bungalow (4rooms and 2 dormitories) with all modern amenities lies on the banks of river Murti near the beautiful forests of Chapramari, a 45 minutes drive from Lataguri. The nearby small town Lataguri has many private resorts as well as the Gorumara National Park nature Tourism centre available for stay. The Meghamallar tourist lodge at Malbazar, 18km away from Lataguri is another option for stay. Reservations can be made from West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation, Phone : 91-33-2485917/2488271

Season:November to April, The park is closed from mid June to mid September

Contact:West Begal Tourism Development Corporation. 3/2 B.B.D. Bag (East), Calcutta – 1, India

Jaldapara Willdlife Sanctuary

Jaldapara Willdlife Sanctuary

Location: Alipurduar Sub-Division of Jalpaiguri District

Area:114 Sq. Kms.

Uniqueness:Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Alipurduar sub-division of Jalpaiguri district in north Bengal, very close to the Bhutan border. The sanctuary, established in 1941, is home to an estimated 60 to 80 mighty Indian one horned Rhinoceros, which can be distinguished from its African counterpart, known for its two horns

Flora:More than 30% of the total area is under grassland. Dense stand of grasses are comprised of Saccharum spp., Themeda arundinacea, T.villosa, Setaria palmifolia, Cymbopogan spp., Thysanolaena maxima, Phragmites Karka, Arundo donax and imperata cyclindrica. Interspersed in the grassland are trees such as Sissoo, Khair, Simul, and Siris etc.

Fauna:The sanctuary is home to the Great Indian rhinoceros. A small population of the Royal Bengal Tiger is also here. Sloth bear, Swamp deer, Bison, Wild Boar, Indian Muntjac, Chital Hog Deer, Leopard, Asiatic Elephant are the major species of mammals present here. The park holds maximum number of rhino population in India after Kajiranga National Park in Assam.

Accessibility:Air: Bagdogra is the nearest Airport from where one can go by above routes, (Siliguri to Bagdogra 13 km.) private vehicles are available at Madarihat for going to Hollong Forest Lodge/Jaldapara Tourist Lodge. North Bengal Transport Corporation Buses, Bhutan Govt. Buses, Mini buses, and Private Buses are available from Siliguri to Alipurduar via Madarihat.
Rail: Nearest Railway Station : Madarihat which is only 7 kms from the Sanctuary and all the passenger trains stop here. Jaldapara Tourist Lodge is in a walkable distance from this Railway Station. All the Mail and Express trains stop at Birpara/Hasimara Railway Station both are 20 kms. away from the sanctuary.
Road: Jaldapara is connected by road with Darjeeling and Siliguri. North Bengal State Transport Corporation Buses, Bhutan Govt. Buses, Mini Buses and Private Buses are available from Siliguri to Alipurduar via Madarihat. Accommodation:There are many lodges in Madarihat, just outside Jaldpara Wildlife Sanctuary, where one might stay. It is also possible to stay at the quaint and scenic forest rest house within the boundaries of the Sanctuary.

Season:Between September and March, specially in winter to catch a view of the migratory birds.

Contact:DIVISIONAL FOREST OFFICER, P.O. & Distt.: Coochbehar.

Sunderbans National Park & Tiger Reserve

Sunderbans National Park & Tiger Reserve

Location: Paraganas district

Area:2585 sq. km.

Uniqueness:The park has estuarine mangrove eco-system as it is situated in the deltaic estuaries of the Ganga and Brahmaputra. The entire inter tidal zone has been designated as Biosphere Reserve under the Man and Biosphere program. This littoral forest supports a diversity of trees and shrubs adopted to conditions and inundation by high tides. Straddling the rivers Hooghly in the west and Teulia in the east the park has many small rivers, forested islands besides the vast stretch of mangrove swamps

Flora:Excaecaria sp., Heritiera sp., Ceriops sp., Phoenix sp., Sonneratia sp., Avicennia sp., Rhizophora sp., Xylocarpus sp., Bruguiera sp. etc.

Fauna:Tiger, fishing cat, chital, wildboar, water monitor, estuarine crocodile

Accessibility:Air: Nearest airport is Dum Dum airport at Kolkata (166 kms). Indian Airlines connect Kolkata with all the major cities in India. Rail: Nearest railhead is Canning (48km). From Kolkata there are suburban trains to Canning (64 km). Road: There are bus service from Kolkata to various embarkation points Namkhana, Raidighi, Sonakhali and Najatare from where private as well as WBTDC’s Motor launch services are available for Sundarbans. The embarkation points are at a distance of Namkhana (105 km), Sonakhali (100 km), Raidighi (76 km), Canning (64 km), Najatare (92 km) from Kolkata.

Accommodation:Forest lodge and forest rest-houses are available for accommodation at Sajnekhali (Sunder Cheetal forest Lodge 60 beds), Bakkhali and Piyali.

Season:September to March

Contact:Field Director, Sundarbans Tiger Reserves P.O. Canning Twon, District 24 Parganas, West Bengal-743329

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