Amchang Wildlife Sanctua

Amchang Wildlife Sanctua: National Park

Location: Eastern fringe of Guwahati city.

Area:78.64 sq. kms

Uniqueness:diverse fauna including 44 species of mammals and over 250 species of birds


Fauna:Chinese pangolin, Flying fox, Slow loris, Assamese macaque, Rhesus macaque, Capped langur, Hoolock gibbon, Jungle cat, Leopard cat, Leopard, Elephant, Wild pig, Sambar , Barking deer, Gaur, Porcupine, Lesser Adjutant, Greater Adjutant, White-backed Vulture, Slender-billed Vulture, Khaleej Pheasant Green Imperial Pigeon, Lesser Pied Hornbill etc

Accessibility:From Guwahati LGBI Airport it is 40 Kms. away and from Guwahati Railway Station it is only 15 Kms. away.

Accommodation:All kinds of accommodations are available in Guwahati city. Adjacent to the southern boundary of the Sanctuary at Tepesia, Kamarkuchi, there is the Brahmaputra Jungle Resort (with Cottages, Tents, Deluxe Rooms), Tel.- 0361-2160584.

Season:October to April

Contact:Divisional Forest Officer, Guwahati Wildlife Division, A.T. Road, Santipur, Guwahati -781009

Borail Sanctuary

Borail Sanctuary: National Park

Location: Udharbandh District

Area:326.24 sq. kms

Uniqueness:Cachar tropical moist evergreen and semi-evergreen forests

Flora:Cachar tropical moist evergreen and semi-evergreen forests

Fauna:Chinese pangolin, Flying fox, Slow loris, Stump-tailed macaque, Assamese macaque, Rhesus macaque, Capped langur, Hoolock gibbon, Himalayan black bear, Yellow-throated marten, Hog -badger, Jungle cat, Leopard cat, Fishing cat, Marbled cat, Clouded leopard, Leopard, Wild pig, Sambar, Barking deer, Serow, Giant squirrel, Porcupine, Lesser Adjutant Stork, White-backed Vulture, Slender-billed Vulture, White cheeked Hill Partridge, Mountain Bamboo partridge, Khaleej Pheasant, Grey Peacock-Pheasant, Rufus necked Hornbill, Wreathed Hornbill, Great Pied Hornbill.

Accessibility:The nearest Silchar (Kumbirgram) Airport is 40 Kms. away. The road distances from the nearest Towns are – Silchar is 40 Kms. and Karimganj is 40Kms. away.

Accommodation:Prasanti Tourist Lodge (ATDC), Silchar, contact -Tourist Officer. For Circuit House, Dak Bungalow at Silchar, contact- Deputy Commissioner, Silchar, Tel.- 03842-245056. Avoid staying in the surrounding areas of the Sanctuary for lack of tourist infrastructure and security.

Season:October to March

Contact:D.F.O. Karimganj Division

Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuaries

Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuaries: National Park

Location: Sonitpur district

Area:44.06 sq. kms

Uniqueness:the Sanctuary is a part of Laokhowa ? Burachapori eco-system and comprises of a mosaic of wet alluvial grassland, riparian and semi-evergreen forests dotted by wetland and river system.

Flora:Quite rich with many important plant species.

Fauna:Tiger, Leopard, Wild Buffalo, Hog Deer, Wild Pigs etc. and occasional visit of herd of Elephants, Bengal Florican, Swamp partridge(fancolin), Wood Cock, Water Hen, Parakeets etc.

Accessibility:By road from Salonibari Airport (Tezpur) it is 30 Kms., from Guwahati – 160 Kms., from Jorhat – 180 Kms. and from Nagaon- 40 Kms.

Accommodation:Blue star Hotel, Jonaki Building, Tezpur, Tel.- 03712-220682, Oasis Hotel, Jonaki Road, Tezpur, Tel.- 03712-220724, Hotel Luit, Tezpur, Tel.- 03712- 222083, Hotel Green View, Main Road, Tezpur, Tel.- 03712- 223685, Kanyapur Hotel, Hatibilkhana, Tezpur, Tel- 03712-220261.

Season:November to March.

Contact:Divisional Forest Officer, Western Assam Wildlife Division, Dolabari, Tezpur,

Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuaries

Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuaries: National Park

Location: Dhubri district

Area:45.50 sq. kms

Uniqueness:Chakrasila is unique because of the presence of Golden Langur ( Presbytis geei ) which is nowhere found except along the Assam and Bhutan border.

Flora:gifted divinely with the rare specimens of tress, shrubs, medicinal plants

Fauna:Golden Langur, Rhesus Macaque, Leopard etc. There are also 273 species of Birds, 11 species of Reptiles, 14 species of Amphibians and 60 species of Fishes have been recorded so far.

Accessibility:The nearest Airport LGBI Guwahati is 263 kms. away and the road distance from Guwahati City is 269 kms., from Dhubri is 70 kms., from Bongaigaon is 50 kms. and from Kokrajhar is 7 kms.

Accommodation:A Forest Rest House is available at Choraikhola near Kokrajhar. Visitors may contact the D.F.O. Wildlife Division, Kokrajhar. Hotels in Kokrajhar – Hotel Omshri, J.D. Road, Kokrajhar, Tel.- 03661-271656,271655, Sahara Lodge, Patalpur Road, Kokrajhar, Tel.- 03661-270824, Seven Brothers? Lodge, Bazar Road, Kokrajhar, Tel.- 03661- 271701. Basumatary Lodge, R.N.B. Road, Kokrajhar, Prashanti Lodge, R.N.B. Road, Kokrajhar, Tel.- 03661-270094, 94352-55113 , K.R. Lodge, J.D. Rd, Kokrajhar.

Season:November to April

Contact:The D.F.O. Wildlife Division, Kokrajhar

East Karbi Anglong Wildlife Sanctuaries

East Karbi Anglong Wildlife Sanctuaries : National Park

Location: Karbi Anglong Autonomous District

Area:221.81 sq. kms.

Uniqueness:The reserve is use to protect and preserve variegated species of resident and migratory birds. A sylvan lake of captivating beauty surrounds the reserve.


Fauna:Tiger, Elephant, Gaur, Sambar, Bears, Barking deer, Rhesus macaque, Hoolock gibbon, Wild pigs, Lesser cats, Python, Cobra, Monitor lizards, Hill tortoise

Accessibility:From Dimapur Airport the Sanctuary is 150 kms. away by road, from the LGBI Airport Guwahati it is about 190 kms. and from Rowraiah (Jorhat) Airport it is 110 Kms. away.

Accommodation:Tourist Lodge, Diphu, Tel.-03671-272694 (O), A small Forest Inspection Bungalow is available at Dokmoka town, only 37 kms. away from the Sanctuary. Contact – Range Forest Officer, Western Range, Dokmoka. Hotels & Lodges are available at Diphu town which is 132 Kms. away and at Nagaon town which is 127 kms. away from the sanctuary.

Season:November to April

Contact:Divisional Forest Officer, Karbi Anglong East Division, Diphu

Garampani Wildlife Sanctuaries

Garampani Wildlife Sanctuaries: National Park

Location: Karbi Anglong district

Area:<6.05 sq. kms/span>

Uniqueness:One of the oldest Sanctuary containing Hot water spring and Waterfalls and surrounded by Nambor Sanctuary having 51 rare species of Orchid.


Fauna:Tiger, Elephant, Gaur, Bear, Sambar, Barking deer, Rhesus macaque, Hoolock gibbon, Wild pig, The Great pied Hornbill, Hill myna

Accessibility:The nearest Airport Dimapur is 55 kms. and Jorhat Airport is 85 kms. away. The road distances from nearest Towns : from Golaghat is 35 kms., from Diphu is 92 kms, from Guwahati is 330 kms. and Kaziranga is 45 kms. away.Accommodation:Aranya Lodge, Tel.- 03776-262429, Bonani, Banashree, Kunjobon Lodges, Tel.- 03776-262423 under Assam Tourism at Kohora.

Season:November to April.

Contact:Divisional Forest Officer, Karbi Anglong East Division, Diphu.

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