Hampi Festival , India

Event Name: Hampi Festival
Start Date: Saturday, 3 November 2012
End Date: Monday, 5 November 2012
Venue: Hampi Village, Vijayanagara, Karnataka
Country: India
Category: Fairs & Festivals

Hampi Festival is a multi-faceted yearly occasion where popular artistes are especially invited to commemorate the old golden days of the Vijayanagar Period till its present age. It is a three day festival that adds largely to the mega cultural extravaganza of this place, and the presentation of several colorful and vibrant programs augment to its high end tourism market.

Hampi Festival or Hampi Utsav is also popular as Vijaya Utsav and has been very old for Vijayanagar reign. It is beautifully organized by the Government of Karnataka on a large scale, and its main draw includes traditional Kannadigas dance, drama, fireworks, puppet shows, spectacular parades, and musical instruments like drums and pipes are played to renew the brilliance of yesteryear.

It is a cultural event of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi, presenting elephants, as well as local lads and horses wearing spectacular outfits pointing out military fashion of the Golden Era. All are placed below the red, yellow, blue and white cloth “Gopuras” along the lanes of Hampi village.

Besides, pay a special visit to the adjoining Virupaaksha temple, earlier known as the Raja Marga, is situated at the distance of two kms, and is also tastefully bedecked thought the festive time like the Vijayanagar theme. Nevertheless, collect some fond memories of the performances by classical Indian dancers and carnatic vocalists in several avenues.

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