Borneo International Kites Festival , Malaysia

Event Name: Borneo International Kites Festival
Start Date: Wednesday, 26 September 2012
End Date: Sunday, 30 September 2012
Venue: Bintulu, Sarawak
Country: Malaysia
Category: Feast & Carnival

This is a relatively new entrant to the list of kite festivals all across the world. Organised in an abandoned airport in Bintulu, Borneo International Kites Festival is a cultural symbol of Malaysia. Patroned by several national bodies, this festival sees the kites of all sizes and designs flying in the blue sky. Simultaneously, a trade fair is also held to compliment the kite gala.

The Borneo International Kites Festival is beyond doubt one of the major kite festivals of the world. Though this event has its inception in the year 2005, this festival has gained a significant place in our psyche because of the sheer collective charisma.

This mega event is overlooked by Bintulu Development Authority with constant support from Malaysian Kite Council, Sarawak Economic Development Corporation, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Ministry of Culture, Art and Heritage Malaysia and so on.

The Old airport of Bintulu is the venue for the celebrations. The out of service airport with a conducive infrastructure and a geographically perfect location that sees a great amount of wind due to its proximity to the sea offers the ideal platform for the event.

The participating kites are quite unique for its subtle, intriguing and colorful looks and the huge size. Subsequently this festival brings out the cultural diversity and variety of the region through the kite making competitions. The kite flying championship is very competitive as kite fliers from all around the world gather here to showcase their talent.

The sight of the sky that is covered with myriad colors kites floating everywhere is a treat to the eyes and you can not admire the creative spirit of the participants.

Keeping accordance with the Borneo International Kites Festival, a trade fair is also organized close to the airport. This is where the local trade and culture comes to fore in a very natural way giving the visitors an opportunity to see the artworks and handicraft products of this region.

The evening performances at the Borneo International Kites Festival are also equally colourful and entertaining. An event where joy only prevails!

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